Sacramento Masonic Lodge #40 F.&A.M.

Sacramento Lodge #40 History

This Website is dedicated to the memory of our brother Worshipful Ron Green, PM

After meeting the requirements of the Grand Lodge of California, Sacramento Lodge #40 was chartered on May 6, 1854 and assigned the number 40, signifying that it was the fortieth Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons to be chartered in the state of California. 

In the city of Sacramento, it was the fifth lodge to receive a charter, the others preceding it were Tehama Lodge #3, Jennings Lodge #4, Sutter Lodge #6 and Washington Lodge #20. When Sacramento Lodge #40 was organized it had 22 members, by its 100th year anniversary it had 759 members. Today we have over 120 members. 

In 1854 Sacramento Lodge #40 first met in the Stanford Building. (Later to become the Huntington/Hopkins Building where the Central Pacific Railroad originated). Later that year the lodge moved to Bennett's Masonic Hall located at 17-19 J Street. The lodge moved to its present site, the N.W. corner of 12th and J Street on April 2, 1920. 

Sacramento Masonic Lodge #40 meets on most Wednesday evenings at 6:30 or 7:00 pm to confer degrees or for other activities. Our Stated Meeting is on the first Friday of every month at 8:00 pm and is preceded by dinner in the Temple Dinning room starting at 6:30 pm.

Master: Sonny Stormes PM

Sr. Warden: Gabe Mariscal

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Treasurer: Jeff Born

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Temple Board of Directors: Gabe Mariscal

Inspector, 414th Masonic District:

Worshipful Michael Woo, PM 

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